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"There is no nervous rush in his music, instead there's a relaxed coolness. His music is a type of folk that brings together aspects of Midwest life and big city life. There are melodic tendencies that veer straight towards John Denver's heart, but lyrical themes that conjure the cool darkness of Nick Cave."


"Throw in wild cards like Leonard Cohen and The Arctic Monkeys and there you have the young songwriter (now living in Brooklyn) and his far-ranging tastes. What makes his musical upbringing even more amazing is that his feature-length debut, Cracks in the Ceiling, as varied as it is, doesn’t sound like any of these storied folks. It sounds like, well, Griffin Robillard."

-American Songwriter

"Griffin Robillard has it going on! “Ghost” delivers indie flavored folk rock with new wave sensibilities and a dash of psychedelic extract that’s infectious. And Robillard’s evocative tenor, distinctive phrasing and declarative projection coruscate with brilliant allusions and turns of phrase. I can’t wait for the album to drop. You definitely want to listen to this one."

-The Huffington Post

"Sporting a voice and songwriting chops way more mature for a young man of 22, Robillard gets personal on his debut collection of songs"

-Thomas Gerbasi Medium

"I loved Griffin's vibe right from the start, and he bares some similarities to Pete Yorn with his way to evoke the sensibility of a coffeehouse singer-songwriter looking to make their mark on the world. Griffin is well on his way to achieving something special with his music, and it's his ability to not fall into a musical category that sets him apart from his contemporaries, and puts him in a class all his own. A marvelous talent that is most certainly worthy of exploring even further."

-Musicbox Pete

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