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A New York adman with a Midwestern liver, Griffin Robillard writes biographies of his generation. From Lower East Side bars to the wide plains of Texas, Robillard’s songs create an infinite, half-blurred night full of ex-lovers, regret and hard-won catharsis, all supported by his endless appetite for 80s music and polished production. There’s a playfulness to Robillard that’s been long absent in contemporary rock, and his dance-pop sensibilities and ironic lyrics invite you in on the fun. He’s a Warren Zevon for the wellness generation, with the hype-drive of The 1975 and the vulnerability of Julia Jacklin.


In 2021, following a broken-off engagement, Robillard began writing Big Pisces Energy, his sophomore album. Again and again references to astrology and water came into the songs, and Robillard understood his shitty-twenties years in the parallax view: as rivers, as puddles, as tsunamis and waves. His poetic voice flowing  like liquor — or spit — Robillard brings you along to weep through the early Bushwick hours in“Hotmessexpress”and drain the summer for all it’s worth in “Hot Boy Bummer." Vivid characters haunt his world, a lover to be sent away in “The Door” or a Southern girl he just can’t have  in “Laws Of Longing.” But through it all, we get the joys of a death-destined rebound in “Bar Of Cherries” and learning, finally, to love your imperfect self in “Taurus Moon.”


Big Pisces Energy represents Robillard’s turn as a producer with right-hand man Grant Eppley (Spoon, Jonas Brothers, The National, Maggie Rogers) and contributions from long-time collaborator Walker Lukens, Pierre Jamerson, Emmett Kai (Ethel Cain), and Dan Viafore (Olivia Rodrigo). 


Big Pisces Energy is out March 10th, 2023. 


Artist biography by Michael Quinn.


Salvatore McGinnis


Cheyenne Doerr


"There is no nervous rush in his music, instead there's a relaxed coolness. There are melodic tendencies that veer straight towards John Denver's heart, but lyrical themes that conjure the cool darkness of Nick Cave”  -Paste

“Everything from a slow hip hop beat, to a symphony of synths and Robillard’s deep, slightly-creepy-but-inviting Bryan Ferry-ish voice.” -American Songwriter

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