Cohen had love. Cave had god. Fellini had dreams. And Griffin Robillard? He had capitalism and a beat up telecaster. Yes, he’s heard it all. Brooklyn is over. The Republicans have the next election in the bag. We’ll need to leave the planet. There's more "space" in LA.

In "V.G.S.O.H. (Sadie's Song)," released September 25th, we follow Sadie, a foxy mom, through the glorious trenches of lower Manhattan, the hot, sweaty nights spent in dingy dives, the endless stream of awkward dates, and the aftermath of one booty call gone awry.  “V.G.S.O.H.” is a dance ballad that’s as much about a boozy weeknight of excess as it is about friends sticking together through thick and thin.

Like the delicate balance of tonic and gin, Robillard's music explores the what it means to live in a society run by Big Tech, Wall St. bankers, and Karens. All the while still entertaining the possibility of utopia – or finding love during end-of-days America with his tongue in his cheek.


Listeners will find everything from hip hop beats to a symphony of synths in Robillard’s music. With his “deep, slightly-creepy-but-inviting Bryan Ferry-ish” voice over driving disco, his music sits right where lyricism meets power pop (American Songwriter). Paste called his 2017 LP Cracks in the Ceiling “relaxed coolness” with “John Denver’s heart” and the “lyrical themes that conjure the cool darkness of Nick Cave."

Working with producer Walker Lukens along with appearances from members of The Bright Light Social Hour down in Austin, TX, “V.G.S.O.H. (Sadie’s Song)” is Griffin Robillard’s most danceable tune yet. 

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